Nikon D3500 Ddreview

Our Verdict.

Nikon D3500 DSLR camera is one of the best cameras in this world. Excellent image quality. Battery life is very good. This camera use is very easy and comfortable. Bluetooth also has but no wi-fi. No touchscreen control in this camera. After all Nikon d3500 camera is the best camera for beginner photographers.

Our Score


  • Excellent image quality
  • Remarkable 1,550 battery life
  • Handy Guide mode
  • Compact for a DSLR
  • Easy to use


  • No 4K video
  • No touchscreen control
  • Bluetooth, but no Wi-Fi


Sensor24 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor Value
ProcessorEXPEED 4 image processor
ISOISO range of 100-25600
Autofocus11-point autofocus system through the optical viewfinder
CapableFull HD’ 1080/60p video
BluetoothBluetooth for image transfer
LCD Screen921k-dot fixed
BatteryBattery rated for 1,550 shots per charge (CIPA)

Nikon D3500 Ddreview-You is a professional photographer or a beginner’s photographer welcome to our website. Today I discuss this lesson about the Nikon d3500. Nikon d3500 is one of the best cameras in this world. There is a front zoom lens that has a range of 32-276mm and a top speed of 24.5cm (photo).


Nikon D3500 Design
Nikon D3500 Design

This is one of the cooler camera options from Nikon I am sure you will feel the same, and you could even incorporate it with your DSLR. This is an elegant, handsome and elegant camera, as it looks more like a DSLR than ever before. The front and sides are black with the skin emitting a blue laser light, it must have quite a bright LUMIX flash to illuminate the screen and make it look like a traditional DSLR. There is a front zoom lens that has a range of 32-276mm and a top speed of 24.5cm (photo). It has a B4 size sensor, to be precise. The camera is built very toughly, with an adjustable grip that has handles for you to reach your phone and know exactly which button to press for a specific setting. The front tray and strap have hidden storage for your card, as it can hold up to 3100MB of data at 7200MS.


The Nikon D3500 camera has a USB adapter button for you to use your phone, a microphone line-in interface, and 4 microphone inputs, which include focus control buttons. It also has an advanced multi-window preview function but can be a single window. The Snapshot function allows you to set a self-timer and use the built-in flash. You can use Auto ISO 200, ISO 3200, ISO 28600, etc. You can have the SSC in View Mode and the real photo mode. This also lets you scroll through the middle of the camera. The ability to control the size of Live View and the Live Playback in up to three colors is a fantastic feature. You will choose the wide, medium, or small angle to show your child, man you still like to take care that you use that Quality of Life lens. With an additional recordable length of 115 inches, you can capture a beautiful landscape or human face. The temperature can be adjusted from room temperature to 67 degrees and 70 degrees.


In the first phase of operation, you must set the image size of the camera, choose the media format, and make sure you have yourself the required hardware (drives and cables). In the second phase, you will probably be setting your minimum ISO. In the third phase, you will have to set your start/stop of exposure and write/capture the time period for additional features (maximum ISO) in order to be able to recognize the colors of your subject. After that, you will have to choose your speed for the camera. In the fourth phase, you will most likely have to either save or delete the images or control your E-It or A-It settings. In the last phase of operation, you will be adjusting the settings of the camera, but you have to stick to your choices before sniping.

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